Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sac Spokesmen Ride Again?

It is worth documenting that for the first time in history, all four blokes from the sac spokes were at a show together. It was not really very much planned either. Mainly since Blossom, er, Donut, surprised us all with his appearance at a dreaded "indie pop" show.
La Sera was off the hook. Katy Goodman totally ruled the night at Bows and Arrows. Half her band was half the opener band called Cold Showers. They were fun to see too, and could have just as easily been called Blank Stilts Division. Their set got increasingly better, start to finish. Opener to the opener was Sweat Chakra sounding a bit like Fugazi at times. Thanks to them for making Donut get to the show, which is making this post happening right now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The dead will dance - MIX DEADLINE!

Listen up flesh-eaters (Donut not included)! The deadline for the great 2010 Halloween mix is Friday October 22th! Send us your list by blog comment (or better yet, your MP3's) and the spokesmen will judge your worth...over the weekend at their leisure.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spokesmen Halloween Mix Tape Challenge

Submit your best 13 song Halloween mix tape list to the Sac Spokesmen (via comment post) and we will decide if it's worthy of the becoming this year's commemorative Dark Entries Mix Tape! Only the most disturbed, depressing, and dangerous song list will be compiled for eternity on magnetic tape with handwritten liner notes in red ink. Please don't bother sending us anything that wasn't brooded over by candlelight with Nosferatu on the telly for background horror. Your entries will be judged by a jury of your peers.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Drums Concert Review

Half the Spokemsen showed up last night to see the Drums on their San Francisco tour stop with supporting band Surfer Blood. The Independent was sold out. Fortunately Mack'nCheese scored some face-value tickets hanging out by the door. We missed the very first band entirely but caught the whole Surfer Blood set. Without knowing much more than a few listens on myspace before the show, Surfer Blood came across at first sounding somewhat like Abe Vigoda with some heavy cowbell, repetitive guitar riffs, and strong vocals. Later into their set, they pulled out some very poppy songs with instant appeal. Their frontman has some hilarious dance an effeminate prep-school male cheerleader. There were moments of genius and they played it tight. My expectations were exceeded.

The drums came on next with lots fog machine and gorgeous backlighting. There are two guitarists: Jacob Graham and Adam Kessler. One plays hollowbodies and the other plays a Rickenbacker(haven't figured out which, apologies). Hollowbody picks out the rhythm line and dances like he's taking his guitar for for a waltz around his side of the stage. Rick is a bit more subdued but cuts through with the melody nicely. No strumming at all that I've noticed, just picking. The lead vocalist, Jonathon Pierce, was a bit low in the mix but his stage presence was well received. He has the mod dance moves and dramatic poses down! He could be in love with himself or the crowd, but he is a bit infectious and fun to watch. The drummer, Connor Hanwick, was solid, and I'm guessing he's the one that hits "PLAY" to start the backing electronic tracks for each song. Even the whistle on "Let's Go Surfing" is pre recorded. At least there was no lip-sinc or hint of pretending that they were playing some of the keyboard parts. The whole effect was very easy to get caught up into and start dancing. I couldn't help myself. Blake, of the Beneficiaries, who was also in attendance was quoted saying, "I find them completely in-line with what bands ought to be doing to doing today." Other post-concert descriptors of frontman Pierce included "pretentious" and "Morrissey rip-off". They definitely force you to have an opinion one way or the other. Hard to sit on the fence with loving or hating this band.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phono Select Wednesdays

The Sac Spokesmen converged on the Phono Select store for a lunch time browse of some prime mid-town stacks. Thanks to Donut's connection with the founders we've had a chance to sneek preview the progression from interior construction, pricing and stacking the music, and the final pristine version seen this past week. The listening station turntables by the front window make you feel like a DJ when you lay the needle down and tweek the fader. There's some great display vinyl above the racks with choice selections. This visit we were pleased to see some 45's brought out for general consumption. Dal even let us buy some from the "to be priced" box! The CD selection is busting out of the shelves and there's a new hot item rack to check out. Can't wait to check the unveiling of the tape selection. My one suggestion at this point is to get a BIKE RACK out front! Meet up with the spokesmen for future wednesday lunces at phono select!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thomas the Organ

I have a new toy from the island of little lost instruments: The Thomas organ by Heathkit. It's a small kit organ with the standard cheesy voice selections. Upper and lower decks with some footpeddles as well. Several of the contacts are not working for the keys, so I need some advice on how to clean those off (Donut!). I'm pretty stoked to fiddle with it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Submini Tube Amp

From the heart (bowel?) of 'Donut Labs', as Bill likes to call it, here's the newest addition to the family. Currently residing in a U-Haul cube, on its way to Seattle with one of the poster's best friends and bandmates, this submini tube puts out a monstrous 1 watt (approx). The upshot is, you get to totally overdrive the tubes and still play at a volume that won't have the cops at your door. In other words, if you're going to be renting out a basement apartment in Queen Anne, and you still want to record a cranked tube amp, this might just work. Being the first time around the block with this circuit, there were some difficulties, but overall I'm pleased with the end result. The video at the bottom of the page gives a taste of the sound, (though you have to hear it through a crummy camera mic, a room fan, and people talking). I got to hear it for about 3 minutes, since I didn't have a proper cabinet to test it with. Bon voyage, little amp.